RVX Manager APK

RVX Manager APK

RVX Manager APK is a version of ReVanced Manager APK, which originally created to work for ReVanced Extended Apps and helps build Extended Apps .

Version – 1.17.1


Default Sources

In the RVX Manager app it has put in a default sources feature to increase the benefit of the user. As with this feature, you don’t need to search for the patches individually. Just choose the supported app and construct it.

More Compatibility

As ReVanced Manager always has some issues whenever we use it and most of the time many errors also occur. For that reason, the RVX manager has been developed. So, if you are struggling to fix patches, then RVX manager will fix it.

Export/Import Keystore

After usage of the app if you decide to uninstall the RVX Manager from your device. Then don’t forget to export the Keystore file before uninstalling the app. By exporting Keystore files you can seamlessly build your apps.

Import and Export of Patches

Through RVX Manager you can now import and export patches. This feature of the app is one of the best features of the app. You can use patches from your friends or you can take them from the internet and import them on RVX Manager.

Get Premium Features for Free

By using RVX Manager you don’t have to download the mod version of YouTube. Through RVX manager you can patch the features to the original version of YouTube. So, you don’t have to pay any cost for activating those features.

Dark and Light Mode

Many of the users prefer to use dark mode. And most of the users like to use light mode. However, in the RVX Manager app, you will get both light and dark modes. So, switch any of the modes according to your convenience.

Advertisement Block

To remove advertisements from YouTube you have to buy a premium subscription. But, by using RVX Manager, you can block advertisements that always disturb you whenever you watch videos improving your expereince.

Sponsor Block

If you use RVX Manager you can also block the sponsor content. These sponsors often come whenever we browse the app. Those things are very annoying as they turn the attention towards the sponsored content.

Premium Logo Branding

If you use normal YouTube Pro YouTube Music, it comes with premium features. Then the people get to know that you are using the mod version of the app. So, add the premium logo to your homepage with the help of the RVX Manager.


What is RVX Manager APK v1.17.1?


Download Details of RVX Manager APK v1.17.1

NameRVX Manager APK
Size22.6 MB
MODExtended Apps Support

How to Download and Install RVX Manager APK v1.17.1 on Android?

These steps will work on non-rooted as well as rooted devices.

  • Download the RVX Manager APK v1.17.1 on Android
  • Go to your download folder and Tap on the Downloaded file to install it. If you are asked to enable unknown sources, just enable it and continue the installation.
  • Tap on done. Now, install the RVX Manager APK.

NOTE: If your Android device is rooted then you can download your desired Application directly from the Select Application page. However, if your Android device is non-rooted then you’d have to download the APK file separately from our website or any 3rd party website. And then use the RVX Manager and Patch the APK to use the application.

How to use RVX Manager APK v1.17.1 on Non-Rooted Android?

  • Open the RVX Manager app. If you are asked to enable unknown sources, just enable it and continue the installation.
  • Tap on Select an application option.
  • Here you can find out the Suggested version of your desired app. If it shows All versions, then you can add any.
  • You can download the exact Suggested app version that you want to patch. from our website or any other 3rd party websites.
  • Now, tap on the Storage option here.
  • Navigate to the .apk file that you have downloaded in the previous step and then Select it.
  • Tap on Selected Patches to customize patches or just leave them as it is.
  • Tap on the Patch button. Sit back and relax until it shows you the Install button.
  • Tap on the Install button


To use the premium features of the app either we need to buy a subscription to the app like YouTube, and Reddit, or we can download the modded application of those apps. However, downloading the modded app is not safe, and paying money to take some features is also a kind of waste of money. But, if you use RVX Manager on your device then you can patch all the modded features to your original YouTube and Reddit. The RVX Manager supports four apps. Apps are YouTube, YouTube Music, Reddit, and Micro G. The features of the app are very great. So, what are you waiting for? Patch the application with RVX Manager APK v1.17.1.